Program duration: 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022

ADD-free Training

ADD-free Training, “Preventing Smoking, Alcohol and Internet addictions among children and adolescents: a family oriented training approach for adult learners and educators

ADD-free Training is a three-year project (1/9/2019 – 31/8/2022) funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, which aims to design and implement innovative training on the prevention of smoking, alcohol and internet abuse in children/adolescents.

Addiction to smoking, alcohol and internet are a common transnational problem, the extent and determinants of which know no boundaries in Europe. Addictive behaviors are high across the EU, especially among children and adolescents in disadvantaged groups contributing to widening health related inequalities regardless of MS or region. Evidence supporting the importance of prevention concerns all MS, as does the importance of family and school as the most crucial protective factors of addictive behaviors among youth.

Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to smoking, alcohol and internet addiction, a new understudied phenomenon raising concerns and requiring urgent attention. Internet addiction does not have the same social stigma as other addictions. Nevertheless, there are commonalities between tobacco, alcohol and internet abuse: wide availability, common causes such as childhood initiation, social deprivation and exclusion, poor access to education, problematic family and school environments, mental health effects. Although sharing common causes, adult training addressing these three addictions altogether is yet to be developed.

The ADD-free Training project will design and implement innovative training on the prevention of tobacco, alcohol and internet abuse in children/adolescents. Target groups are adult learners, including but not limited to parents from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, teachers, and adult educators including youth workers, parent association representatives and relevant service providers. The project promotes a family-centered approach to prevention, simultaneously addressing the school and wider social context and promoting healthy interaction within the family, school, peers and society.

The ADD-freeTraining consortium consists of 6 organizations from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, and Serbia.

Contact information 

Dina Zota, PhD: 
Pania Karnaki, MA:


Project Coordinator

Idryma Ormylia, Greece

Project partners

Bulgaria Youth Prevention, Bulgaria

Institutdruštvenihznanosti "IvoPilar", Croatia

CSI - Center for Social Innovation LTD, Cyprus

Prolepsis Institute, Greece


University of Belgrade (Faculty of Medicine), Serbia