Policy Practices for a More Sustainable Future: The Toolkit of the INHERIT Program


A Policy Toolkit providing concrete recommendations for policymakers on how to move away from our current ‘take, make, consume, dispose’ models of growth and foster a more ‘INHERIT-able’ future, was published today by the European INHERIT research initiative. The INHERIT Program is coming to an end and will deliver a Policy Toolkit providing policy practices, guidelines and advice to the legislator of the future, with a view to a new model of societal development focused on equality and the environment.

In ten recommendations, the Toolkit focuses on living (green space and energy efficiency), moving (active transport) and consuming (sustainable production and consumption of food), as well as on six on cross-cutting themes. The INHERIT Toolkit also includes three concrete tools: a conceptual model for integrated governance, four positive future scenarios of what Europe could look like in 2040, and a database of over 100 promising practices, 15 of which are highlighted in more detail across the relevant recommendations.

The presentation of the toolkit will take place on 10/12/2019 in Brussels, at the conference "A Future for All at INHERIT: Take Action Now".

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