Website terms of use (Terms and Conditions)

Website terms of use (Terms and Conditions)

Prolepsis Institute (civil non-profit company), beneficiary of the, operates and manages this website under the terms of use described below. Visitors / users of our website are kindly requested to read carefully the terms of use and to visit/use the website only if they fully accept them. By continuing to navigate and use our website, visitors/users acknowledge that they have carefully read understood and accepted all the terms of use of this website. In case the visitor/ user does not agree with the terms of use of this website, he/ she must not make use of the services and content. Prolepsis Institute preserves the right to make without notice any amendment to these terms. Therefore, you are requested to check the terms regularly, as your use of the website implies that you accept all changes.

Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of the website constitutes the intellectual property of Prolepsis Institute, governed by the national, European Union and international provisions on Intellectual Property. The content of the website is available to visitors / users for personal use. Any other use is prohibited and requires the written and explicit permission of the proprietor or copyright holder. In particular, the website copyrights and its contents, i.e., including and not limited to images, audio, recordings, drawings, texts, graphics, logos, icons, works, illustrations, photographs, commercial and economic data, records, trademarks constitute property and ownership of Prolepsis Institute or of a third-party who has authorized their use on this website. It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, distribute and publish, or dispose of, partially or totally, the contents of the website, for commercial purposes, in any kind of device and, by any technical means, without the authorization of Prolepsis Institute.  It is to be noted that it is allowed, without the permission of the author and without payment of remuneration, to reproduce a work that has been legally published, provided that the reproduction is used privately by the person who makes it. The term “private use” does not include use by an enterprise, service or organization. Accordingly, other cases of permissible reproduction, without the authorization of the author and without payment of remuneration, are: reproduction in educational textbooks, reproduction for teaching or information purposes, with indication of the source and the name of the author, if that name appears in the source.

User responsibility

The use / visit of the website presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use described herein. Using and navigating on the website, archiving/ cataloguing constitute acceptance of the terms of use described herein. The visitor / user is responsible and undertakes to restore any damage caused to the company and/or the website by illegal or unfair or contrary to accepted principles of morality and these terms use of the website and the services offered through it.

Limitation of company liability

The content of the website, as well as the services provided through it, are available "as such" and the company makes no express or implied warranty as to the integrity, correctness, timeliness, commerciality, non-violation or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose. The company takes all appropriate and reasonably expected measures, so that data, information and audiovisual material that constitute the website's content are complete, accurate and reliable. However, the company cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, accuracy and reliability of the above information and shall not be liable to the visitor/ user or third parties for any damage due to incorrect, inaccurate or inappropriate information. The company makes every possible effort, within the framework of technological control, in order for the services and contents of the website to be provided seamlessly and without interruption. However, the company shall not be liable if for any reason, including negligence, the operation of the website is disrupted or if access to it becomes difficult or/and impossible, or if, despite the security measures that were followed, viruses or other malicious software are detected and transmitted to the terminals of visitors / users, or if third unauthorized parties ("hackers") intervene to the content and operation of the website, making the use of it difficult or causing problems in its proper function. Moreover, the company is not liable if the website is temporarily not accessible, for the interruption of specific or all of its functions or for any malfunction or technical issues that may occur. The company shall not be liable under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, to the user or any third party for any form of damage, direct or indirect, related in any way to the use of the website, the navigation to it and the use of the services or information that the website provides. Every visitor / user shall take all appropriate security measures (ex. antivirus programs) prior to any download from the site. The cost of any corrections or repairs is borne by the visitor/ user and under no circumstances by the company.