Campaign to promote vaccination against COVID-19


Prolepsis Institute is implementing a campaign to promote vaccination against COVID-19 on social media. The campaign is carried out in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine through sharing and promoting short messages and videos on Facebook.

The posts (videos/testimonials) are aimed at encouraging our fellow citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and at communicating the benefits of the vaccine, which is our only weapon against the pandemic.

The posts will be delivered in areas of Greece with low vaccination rates in order to increase vaccination levels.

We are getting vaccinated today because:

We are always pro-life.

We protect our lives and our loved ones with the vaccine.

We put WE before ME.

We become a life shield for our children and our nursing infants.

We want to keep on doing what we love.

The most important battle is life!

Our material


This action solely aims at promoting COVID-19 vaccination and is not associated with any commercial or political activity.