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Prolepsis Institute specializes in original research within the broader area of Public Health and in scientific fields such as epidemiology, environmental health, occupational and preventive medicine, nutrition and more.

Thanks to the national and European programs designed and implemented by Prolepsis Institute, as well as the vast number of scientific manuscripts written by our scientific team and published in high impact international scientific journals, Prolepsis Institute has become one of the most recognized private medical research centers in Greece.

Prolepsis Institute is capable of undertaking research covering all project stages, including study design, protocol development, questionnaire or other measurement tools development, data collection, development of statistical methodology, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, drafting of deliverables and related scientific publications.

Moreover, Prolepsis Institute has a long-standing experience in assessing the impact of applied programs and actions by using scientifically documented assessment tools.


Prolepsis Institute is actively involved in the organization and implementation of Preventive Medicine and Public Health programs. It has many years of experience in the field of preclinical testing programs, as well as in the field of health promotion programs, aimed at: general population, specific groups and employees.

In addition, Prolepsis Institute provides consulting services for the scientific care, planning and implementation of relevant programs.


The Institute aims to disseminate information and raise awareness about various issues of medical research and preventive medicine.

It designs and implements educational actions for the general population and specific groups of the population, while having developed multiannual experience and specialization in the education of health professionals.

Simultaneously, through our internship programs, we offer new doctors, students and scientists the possibility to obtain valuable experience in the sectors that the Institute is active in.


Advocacy and awareness-raising actions that promote public health issues, while highlighting issues that threaten the physical and mental health of citizens and aggravate health inequalities is a priority of Prolepsis.

Our actions aim to alleviate health inequalities and contribute to the prevention of poverty and social exclusion. They advocate for public health and offer expertise, research, as well as guidelines and tools to policy makers. They often trigger the state to adopt similar initiatives, such as the recent example of the Program DIATROFI that contributed to the adoption of a public school meal program by the Governement.

Humanitarian Actions

Prolepsis Institute, through its active presence in the public health sector, has developed a dedicated humanitarian action, aiming to promote the health and well-being of the population’s vulnerable groups, and more particularly of children, elderly, refugees and migrants, prisoners, etc. Our ultimate objective is to fight poverty and social exclusion and to improve the health and quality of life of the people in need.

One of the Institute’s main priorities is to promptly and efficiently respond to the needs of the people that belong to each vulnerable group by alleviating human pain, and to provide support in cases of a crisis situation or a natural disaster.

The Institute was one of the bodies that from the very first moment supported both the flood victims of the Mandra - Eidyllia Municipality (December 2017) and the fire victims after the wildfire of eastern Attica (July 2018).

Work with us

We can work together on initiatives that have a positive impact for society.

Along with foundations, organizations and companies we design and implement health promotion programs and actions, as well as social corporate responsibility initiatives that have a positive impact for society.

Find more information about our work and contact us to work together on initiatives that will improve the health and the quality of life of our fellow citizens and the communities.

Over the years, Prolepsis has collaborated with numerous organizations and companies, in Greece and internationally. Find more about our collaborations here.