Vulnerable groups are the ones most affected by COVID-19. The Prolepsis Institute is using all its resources to support those in need, as well as their families, with direct interventions.

We are raising money for food supplies for:

  1. Elderly people living alone with no relatives or carers.
    We aim to cover the basic dietary needs of elderly people in need by offering healthy food to them while they remain at home.
    250 euros can support one elderly person for a whole month.

  2. Children facing hunger and food insecurity.
    We aim to offer food packets to families of children participating in the DIATROFI Program, who, given the current situation, are in even higher difficulty. 
    With 40 euros we can ensure that one child receives a healthy breakfast for a whole month.

 It is crucial to safeguard the physical and psychological wellbeing of our fellow human beings.

Each donation is invaluable for the achievement of these aims.

Please support us
Donation via Credit Card or Paypal
Choose the amount you would like to give:
10 €
40 €
120 €
Donation via Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit

  • Bank : ALPHA BANK
  • Swift Code : CRBAGRAA
  • Name of Account Holder: PROLEPSIS
  • Address: Amarousio Branch (146)
  • 60, Kifisias Av. , Postal Code: 15125

IBAN: GR69 0140 1460 1460 0232 0015 301

For donations via bank deposit, please contact us by phone at +30 210 6255700, by fax at +30 210 6106810, or by e-mail at , for your receipt.

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