New scientists from the universities of Greece, the European Union and the U.S.A., students from universities but also schools interning at the Institute for Public Health issues can contribute to our work and gain valuable experience. All interested parties can contact us on 210-6255700.

The Prolepsis Institute has created collaborative networks with educational organizations on a national and international level:

  • Since 2012 in collaboration with the Institute of Politics of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard students have been working for 10 weeks at the Institute on a full University scholarship.
  • It has hosted a Fulbright scholar for the span of nine months, participating in the work of this important international educational organization.
  • It has collaborated with the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the American College of Athens, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and other university institutions.
  • In collaboration with IB sections of most educational institutions it collaborates with students within the framework of voluntary work or internships.
  • Since 2014 it has collaborated within the AISEC internship framework, the biggest network run by and consisting exclusively of people aged 18-30 years, in more than 120 countries and areas aiming to develop management skills in young people.

What the interns have said about us:

“I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to spend my last two months with Prolepsis. In my time at Prolepsis, I have been able to work in a wide range of Greek and EU public health issues including health care communication, food insecurity and nutrition, and migrant health care inequality. While I have been given sincere guidance from a surprisingly approachable group of highly experienced coworkers, I have also been afforded a great deal of independence to push forward diverse projects. I highly recommend an internship at Prolepsis to anyone interested in public health or health care fields. I have received indispensable experience in how public health research and advocacy truly works. An internship at Prolepsis is an excellent use of your time because, as you learn and grow, you will also be furthering work that could have a serious impact in promoting health across Europe.” 
Max Weiss, Harvard University





“My internship at the Prolepsis Institute though the Politics Directors’ Internship Program was an amazing experience and the chance I was given was truly an honor. The Institute consists of incredibly talented and kind people. During my internship, I obtained valuable tools on a professional and personal level. I believe that this experience will assist me in the further achievement of my educational and professional goals, by offering to the community and to society.”
David Xiang, Harvard University



“The Prolepsis Institute gave me a unique opportunity, to implement the medical training I have received in real programs and policies. The large impact that the work of the Institute in public health in Greece and Europe has, reminds me of the reasons I decided to study medicine. It is an honor to collaborate with people who work passionately for such a noble cause.”
Anya McDermott, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School



“I could not have secured a better internship! It provided me with the opportunity to come into contact with a number of different aspects of public health. I had a taste of an exciting future which has a wide range of research to offer me. I am grateful for collaborating with people so passionate for their work, so talented and kind and I know without a doubt that the experience I gained during my internship here will follow and assist me in all my future endeavors.”
Elpida Velmahos, Boston University



“Working at the Prolepsis Institute as a Fulbright research scholar gave me unbelievable satisfaction and I am grateful for the opportunity which was given to me. I learned a lot on a personal as well as a professional level working in such a great organization.  The Prolepsis Institute is an organization where the collaboration is genuine and that makes me aware that returning to the U.S.A. I will have all the tools and necessary skills and the prospect to advance in my career and to contribute to society.”. 
Meera Nagarajan, US Fulbright Grantee



“The amount of projects both domestically and with other organizations throughout the EU that Prolepsis is involved in was amazing to me. What was even more impressive was the level of commitment and hard work that was put into each of these projects.” 
Alexandra Coritsidis, Fordham University