Advocacy for Smoking Prevention and Cessation

Since its establishment, Prolepsis Institute contributed in smoking prevention through actions and interventions aiming at raising awareness and providing information  to the public at large as well as to special population groups (employees, students, etc). Prolepsis Institute pressed for the adoption of the law prohibiting smoking in enclosed and substantially enclosed  areas and for the importance of implementing the law. In July 2009, Prolepsis Institute held an event to inform the general public, as well as employers and trade unions on the new legislation. The event was managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Health & Social Solidarity.

Prolepsis Institute participated in the European anti-smoking project “eu Families and Adolescents Quit Tobacco – euFAQΤ” and approached teenagers and their parents in key educational and entertainment settings with the objective to develop with their contribution innovative and documented interventions for prevention and cessation of smoking.

Within the European project “Alpha-Beta – New Methods for Services towards Illiterates in Adult Education”, aiming at developing  innovative educational material for illiterate adults, the scientific team of Prolepsis Institute developed a practical guide for smoking cessation.