Informative Event as part of the 365+ Days of Care Program

November 14, 2019

An informative event based on "Food Hygiene and Safety & Promotion of Healthy Eating Habits" will be held by the Prolepsis Institute on Monday, November 18th (18:00) at the Cultural Center I.N. Analipseos in Rafina.

The event is organized as part of the 365+ Days of Care program, which is implemented by the Prolepsis Institute along with the Founding Donor, the Non-Profit Greek Shipowners' Social Welfare Company SYN-ENOSIS, and deals with the provision of daily meals to Eastern Attica residents over 65 years old who have been affected by wildfires.

During the event, which is aimed at employees that are occupied in social cuisines or handle any form of mass feeding, members of the Prolepsis Institute's scientific team will talk about safe food handling and nutrition issues.